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C4 Original On The Go (RTD Preworkout)

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The C4 PWO is a run of the mill, reliable and not too stimmy PWO. Great for entry level stimmers or gymmers who need an extra boost.

I had heard of their "On the go" cans and thought I'd take a closer look. I have noticed a rise in popularity for these devices and thought I'd see what the fuss is about.

The can is very inviting, bright yellow and silver, it certainly stands out of the crowd.

Taste - 10/10

The "Twisted Limeade" was oddly reminiscent of Raro Lime flavour. Very nice, not too sweet (sugar free) and leaves a very mild lingering sweetener aftertaste. One of the best zero sugar energy drinks I have drunk.

Mix-ability - 10/10

N/A in this instance.

Formula - 8/10

The short of it is: Good caffeine level, but none of the fun stuff.

The longer version..

The proprietary 6.73g "Explosive Energy Blend"

Citrulline Malate - Enhance your blood flow, and delays the onsite of muscle fatugue. A proven Preworkout ingredient.

CarnoSyn Beta Alanine - Just a better version of your spine tingling Beta Alanine. A proven standard intensive fuel source in Preworkouts.

BetaPower Betaine Anhydrous - Assists in creatine production and protects your cells from the stress of working out. A well tested and proven Preworkout ingredient. 

N-Actyl-L-Tyrosine - Mild mood and energy enhancer. A well tested and proven Preworkout ingredient

Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg) - Mild mood and signifcant energy and focus enhancer. A very well known, tested and proven Preworkout ingredient. 

Overall score - 7/10

All in all not bad. It's missing any decent stims, relying on timed release Caffeine for the stim content, and at 200mg it's more than enough for the vast majority of people for which this product will suit - not hardcore gym bunnies, but weekenders who need an extra oomph behind their workout.

C4 have clearly done their work here, and delivered a solid product with no faff and lots of proven ingredients which will deliver for the customer.


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