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vinnie's Photovinnie25 Jun 2014

saw this today. Thought it might be of interest.




2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) is a synthetic, industrial chemical with multiple uses. I've previously used it in the lab to detect biological chemicals that would develop a colour when DNP reacted with them.

One of its original uses was in explosives manufacture, and it was developed as a weight-loss tablet after munitions workers were observed to have lost weight. It is, in fact, the original "fat blaster" and was used as a weight-loss aid in the 1930s

It makes the energy-generating organelles of our cells, the mitochondria, less efficient. You lose weight as the food you eat is turned into waste heat rather than productive work or being stored as fat.

People who take DNP report feeling hot and sweaty, or feverish, because of the waste heat caused by DNP preventing the mitochondria from working at full efficiency. But the waste heat has another important side effect: it can kill you.

If you raise your internal temperature enough, you can get lethal hyperthermia - death resulting from your body cooking in the inside. This is not the only serious, or even potentially lethal, DNP side effect, but it's certainly the most attention grabbing one.

This lethality is why DNP was banned back in 1938.


Here's the link to the archived discussion:



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On 12/10/2017 at 9:54 PM, Gerbil said:

That is amazing. Thank you for sharing. What chemicals can do to the Human body is crazy!

Link to full discussion has been added above, it's a good read.

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