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Found 2 results

  1. Thanks to Varis for the opportunity to try what I believe is one of the best preworkouts on the market today! Taste - 10/10 This is some of the best tasting preworkout on the market, hands down. Tastes like fresh baked cinnamon apple pie. Incredible flavour profile, would honestly considering having it hot by a roaring fire. Mix-ability - 10/10 Really good, all pieces mix well, no residue. Formula - 9/10 Deducted a point for proprietary formula, but what they do mention is solid. The Good: Creatine Monohydrate - Perhaps the best known, solid and well researched muscle building, fat loss and just excellent all round chemical exercise buddy you can put into your body. The best thing is does it facilitate the creation of ATP, which is the end-of-the-chain energy form your muscles directly consume to produce oomph. Beta-alanine - Better known as "what is this tingling sensation!?" for the uninitiated. In short when you work out, your muscles produce chemicals which your body uses to signal they're tired and you should stop. In essence Beta-alanine holds up that process for longer, allowing your muscles to work beyond their normal limits, for longer. Caffeine - A key stimulant ingredient. If I have to tell you what it is, you're probably in the wrong forum. Hordenine - Another stimulant ingredient, not a lot is known from human trials, but it does interact with the central nervous system to stimulant the release of adrenaline, increases blood pressure and breathing rate. Fulvic Acid (Oxygold) - Powerful antioxidant helps protect your cells from the damaging effect of pushing your body harder, faster for longer. Teacrine - Chemically similar to caffeine, is used in conjunction to enhance the mental stimulation, providing a feeling of mental alertness and reduced fatigue. The unknown.. AMPiberry - Can't actually find too much on this, marketing information seems to suggest it's used to reduce water weight, increase the effectiveness of the other stimulants hordenine and caffeine, but I could not find any decent source at this time. Overall score - 10/10 In a word, amazing. Energy levels are fantastic, but not over whelming, this product can be safely take around 3pm for an afterwork workout with no impact on sleep. An unadvertised but welcome side effect is great appetite suppressant side effect. This stuff is the bomb. Seriously, why are you still reading? Get yourself some and see for yourself! Excellent value for money, 60 serve is $70, and honestly a serve will do for 90% of people, I started with 2 and found my ping levels through the roof, so unless I'm shattered, stick to 1. (I don't think I've ever said that about any other PWO..). $70 for a 60 serve at our pals Xplosiv!
  2. JYM Supplements

    Hey guys Anybody know how we can get JYM supplements in NZ? Also has anyone found and tried Ryback's FEED ME MORE Nutrition - particularly the preworkout? Dude is insane, so i imagine his preworkout to be insane also............ good for the 5am sessions