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  1. Old school Fireblast

    Wasn’t dieting hard, kept watch of calories and sugars etc. yeah im confident it was DMHA. I remember having a pre workout called Kick that also had that stuff in. After coming off Fireblast for a while, I had some kick and that feeling was back. Quickly got rid of it. I’m looking for a good preworkout that has a good energy boost and feelings but not that’s gonna do that to me.
  2. Old school Fireblast

    So, I’ve been away for a while. Used to go under the name Action Mahon. I got sent sent some Fireblast to review end of 2016. I can truly say while I enjoyed it at first, By the end I noticed that ingredient that was in there was giving me serious bouts of depression and anxiety. Was very freaky. Im glad to see that the new versions of Thunderstorm and Fireblast do not have this anymore. Question is, are they just as effective?