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  1. That Feel.

    Dem feels when this place is dead RIP
  2. Cant rate MyFitnessal high enough. If you are into calorie counting the app makes everything easy
  3. Summer of Cricket

    What did I just watch today!!! England were crumbling what a performance by the black caps
  4. Wasabi Peas

    For me chocolate covered coffee beans #foreverbulking
  5. Crypto gains

    Bill Gates - “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”
  6. NBA chat

    Melo needs to come off the bench
  7. Must be the testosterone booster......
  8. Crypto gains

    Instead you have people crying over there keyboards from the money they have lost
  9. 1 in 20 supplements contain roids

    If the supplements in question have been pulled from shelves you would think people would of noticed.
  10. Crypto gains

    ! btc = $17095.99 USD
  11. Crypto gains

    There are a few major retailers that accept bitcoin in the US. You can transfer bitcoin into USD kind of like a stock exchange
  12. Crypto gains

    I currently use Binance and Cryptopia been making gains this last year. Like any investment only put in what you can lose
  13. Creatine mono vs HCL

    Gut bloat for most people regardless of what creatine you take you would retain water anyway
  14. That Feel.

    Did Christmas just come early feels.....