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  1. Wrist wraps

    Yeah, ended up getting some from ali on the 20th, that could easily be the same brand getstrength dropship funnily enough ;p They were like $2 each or something, will update when I get them.
  2. Wrist wraps

    Anyone know of any decent bang for buck ones around? @donz
  3. Ghost Lifestyle

    I see a few cheap lots of this appearing in NZ. Wonder if @Varis is going to get his paws on some.
  4. Titan Protein - Choc Mint

    I'll have to keep an eye out next time they go on sale. _b
  5. I can see it just fine.
  6. Creatine mono vs HCL

    This old chestnut. IMO The only reason to not use monohydrate > all variations is if you have gastrointestinal issues with it. Don't really even have to worry about loading it correctly either, you're going to reach saturation one way or the other, one is just quicker.
  7. "Crappy product"

    Oh god, the spam bots found this forum already.
  8. Whey Protein Supplement Discussion

    PHD Pharma Whey ? It's the goods.
  9. Ah, I love sour things haha. You have it man, Varis hooked me up for a missing product(s) in a mystery bag. So don't want to be greedy.
  10. Is the wreckage sour candy?
  11. Always keen for welfare supps Although you are already sending me something to make up for the missing stuff, so shouldn't be greedy. Should do the best review of a sample gets to choose one, get people on social media to review a sample they got in their last order on here. Would bring people, but I guess the trade off is they may not follow through on the tub review.
  12. Outbreak Nutrition - Pathogen

    Formula - 9/10 Everything is dosed as I would hope for, with the exception of L-Citrulline Malate which is slightly underdosed as 6,000 – 8,000 mg shows to be the current optimum dose. Great stimulant profile. Worked well throughout the entirety of my workout, providing very nice energy, focus and mood enhancement. Recovering from a head cold and a midnight workout but still managed to get a full session done at regular weights. No tingles, jitters or crash. No creatine added in any form, which is a very cheap product to include. I understand why they didn't however as there are very differing opinions on this as to it being a positive or a negative in terms of PWO's. (tolerance of monohydrate vs HCL etc) Overall score - 9/10 This product is great if you are looking for a stimulant driven product with some performance and pump products in there for good measure. The only things that let it down are its cost per serving value (if that's important to you like it is me) and the underdosed L-Citrulline Malate.
  13. midnight edition. Stay tuned. Taste - 10/10 Agent Orange-Pineapple - Pretty nuetral flavoured, not too sweet, not acidic tasting like some PWO's. Easy to down. Mix-ability - 10/10 Mixed up in a few shakes in a typical rubber ball style xplosiv shaker. More to come post workout, will update and post as we go. Formula - ??/10 Overall score - ??/10