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  1. loving titan and rivalus atm, using the rival protein but the tican carnitine and bcaas /glutamine , mixing up the pre everyday different ping
  2. Crypto gains

    should of though! just checked ripple is about $5 now... back when i was keen it was 0.66C so was going to purchase 100 for $66 no it would be $461 for 100 ripple... FML hahah
  3. Crypto gains

    never jumped on was luckily talked out of it.. didnt know enough plus dont have the time to invest in it haha
  4. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    never increased mine??
  5. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    been using my comp prep diet with extra cals, mixed with l carnitine and my thermos daily lost 3 kgs in 2 weeks 98kgs still peeled to the max ;D
  6. Crypto gains

    price of ripple has doubled in a few days too...fuuarrk defs jumping on the train tonight
  7. Crypto gains

    if you were to buy 1 bitcoin today it would cost you $27507.20 NZD
  8. Crypto gains

    im keen to put some money in nothing ridiculous but was thinking litecoin even ripple? at 1 coin for 0.66 c crazy! who knows could all be a waste of time? haha
  9. Crypto gains

    is anyone one here on the Crypto wagon? if so whats your thoughts/experiences
  10. shredding stack

    demi god stats, only a true wizard can achieve
  11. JYM Supplements

    creatine HCL for the win mono makes my face and tits flab
  12. shredding stack

    current stats 6"1 101kgs 7% BF
  13. shredding stack

    18 days to get shredded before NY what is everyones fave stack to get shredded? ;P
  14. ANS Quench - BCAA of the gods

    sour gummy is insane! not too sour but just the right amount, would choose over pink any day