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  1. What are you all watching at the mo?

    The preacher, weirder than a prodigy xt review
  2. pwo for 2018

    dafux up bitches.... what's good?
  3. That Feel.

    that feel when you shart and have to post it in the feels
  4. What are you all watching at the mo?

    itonya... Good movie, I remember it being in the news when I was a kid, surprisingly rivetting story. Also have been watching preacher on lightbox, best TV series since Ash vs evil dead, its got more gore than Vikings and more twists than Mr robot.
  5. What are you all watching at the mo?

    ready player one. Pretty bad ass in 3d
  6. That Feel.

    nope feels
  7. That Feel.

    Finally back to work tomorrow feels after what was spose to be a week off in rarotonga turned into month off due to a mosquito bite on the ballsack. There isn't a nurse left in the waikato who hasn't seen my sacks.
  8. Either give them their own category or put them into their biological (sex at time of birth) category. Laurel Hubbard is a man. Just because he/she identifies as being female it does not mean he/she should compete against females. If I identify myself as being a paraplegic does this mean I can enter the special Olympics?
  9. That Feel.

    Flagged for a reason m8
  10. Best body weight exercises?

    I think it's a race to see who can fuck their shoulders the fastest
  11. What are you all watching at the mo?

    Shortland street. Liking the predictive plot, basic defiance of logic and seamless partner swapping.
  12. Best body weight exercises?

    None of that kipping bullshit
  13. Best body weight exercises?

    Chin ups Press ups Monkey bars
  14. That Feel.

    Kicked out of hospital feels. Still can't walk Fuck
  15. Winter olympics

    Oiled up Tongan guy strikes again.