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  1. High Stim Tolerance?

    The original formula for Mr Hyde was pretty good, but as time has gone by, it has just been watered down more and more, it seems to be just a shitload of caffeine now. I've been using the GAT Nitraflex RTDs recently, and have been quite surprised how effective they have been. So I can only assume that the full strength Nitraflex is even better.
  2. Ghost Lifestyle

    Will this increase your gains, or just instagram followers? Their flavours look a bit interesting. Not sure if the formula is very exciting though: Anybody been brave enough to give it a try?
  3. Old school Fireblast

    Probably DMHA How hard were you dieting?
  4. Stupid fucking exercises

    Omar Isuf had a good one on his insta the other day... https://www.instagram.com/p/Beg5FhzBxAn/ Also add crunches to that list
  5. What are you all watching at the mo?

    Ragnarok was classy AF. Started watching The Magicians last night, not sure if partner liked it. Its about a magical college/university in the USA, far more adult than Harry Potter. haha Finished Shooter season 1 the other night, probably won't continue with season 2.
  6. Armageddon

    A conquest worthy of hulk himself
  7. I think Giant Sports Riot is okay, but I don't think that even gets sold anymore. Did Varis ever send out those thrifts/tubs? I was expecting some reviews or logs... Hamdanz and pies did logs for Shockwave
  8. Titan Protein - Choc Mint

    Cookies and cream is pretty good too! I wonder what the choc PB is like.
  9. Phenibut

    Thought as much!
  10. Phenibut

    What happens to leftover stock when a substance gets regulated? Does it have to be disposed of or given to medsafe or something?
  11. Crypto gains

    Yeah its a bit crazy at the moment! I have some Ethereum and I do a double take every time I check my balance...
  12. Crypto gains

    did you jump on the train?
  13. I think I PM'ed... 404 OP must have taken all the sleep aid himself
  14. 1 in 20 supplements contain roids

    An article I read said that 6 products could be purchased here, one is even made in NZ.