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  1. What's a new product out there you guys can reccomend? Can be anything - protein, weightloss or PWO.
  2. Hey team, as per title. I'm still here, keen to drum up support for this website somehow!
  3. What are you all watching at the mo?

    Haven't heard of the Preacher MudRunner, will check it out. Finished Game of Thrones, I've heard Chernobyl is good?
  4. hi all

    Hi JohnAdams. Sorry for the delay.
  5. pwo for 2018

    Ghost is quite good, I've had a sample and it kept me pinging all day, surprising given there's nothing outstanding in the ingredients.
  6. The C4 PWO is a run of the mill, reliable and not too stimmy PWO. Great for entry level stimmers or gymmers who need an extra boost. I had heard of their "On the go" cans and thought I'd take a closer look. I have noticed a rise in popularity for these devices and thought I'd see what the fuss is about. The can is very inviting, bright yellow and silver, it certainly stands out of the crowd. Taste - 10/10 The "Twisted Limeade" was oddly reminiscent of Raro Lime flavour. Very nice, not too sweet (sugar free) and leaves a very mild lingering sweetener aftertaste. One of the best zero sugar energy drinks I have drunk. Mix-ability - 10/10 N/A in this instance. Formula - 8/10 The short of it is: Good caffeine level, but none of the fun stuff. The longer version.. The proprietary 6.73g "Explosive Energy Blend" Citrulline Malate - Enhance your blood flow, and delays the onsite of muscle fatugue. A proven Preworkout ingredient. CarnoSyn Beta Alanine - Just a better version of your spine tingling Beta Alanine. A proven standard intensive fuel source in Preworkouts. BetaPower Betaine Anhydrous - Assists in creatine production and protects your cells from the stress of working out. A well tested and proven Preworkout ingredient. N-Actyl-L-Tyrosine - Mild mood and energy enhancer. A well tested and proven Preworkout ingredient Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg) - Mild mood and signifcant energy and focus enhancer. A very well known, tested and proven Preworkout ingredient. Overall score - 7/10 All in all not bad. It's missing any decent stims, relying on timed release Caffeine for the stim content, and at 200mg it's more than enough for the vast majority of people for which this product will suit - not hardcore gym bunnies, but weekenders who need an extra oomph behind their workout. C4 have clearly done their work here, and delivered a solid product with no faff and lots of proven ingredients which will deliver for the customer.
  7. Ripped Freak V2.0

    Anyone used this yet?
  8. What are you all watching at the mo?

    Oooh yes, that would have been Epic. We watched it at home and regretted not seeing it in the theatres. A movie I watched recently I thoroughly reccomend is "Upgrade". Amazing movie, very original.
  9. Just saw the advertising for this! Looks hardcore. Any one got their hands on some yet?
  10. France 2 - 1 Croatia.
  11. That Feel.

    Dem feels of degrees not getting beyond the teens during the day
  12. Old school Fireblast

    Hi Chesticles, me again. The primary difference if they''ve used a product which supplements the caffeine (similar to your L-tyramine) rather than a direct stim itself like DHMA. Now you have to understand PWO makers are constantly playing a game of cat and mouse vs various sporting bodies and governmental departments regarding the B& hammer. In order to stay below the radar they've got to ensure 2 things - the chemical is different enough from an existing b& stim and it doesn't provide any immediate feel-goods like existing non-PWO stims either. This was kinda what got DHMA looked into, in short it was too good! So instead of going after direct stims, the latest is supplemental stims that work in conjunction with others, and as a result whilst they're maybe not as stimmy straight off the bat, they tend to well tolerated by the adrenal glands and you tend to have less of a tolerance build up too quickly. So whilst I haven't tried the new v2 forumula, I've been told it's good, and is a worthy replacement in the long term, as whilst it's not as stimmy, the effects last longer. Hope this helps.
  13. High Stim Tolerance?

    Don't trust DNPX for anything more than a quick buzz. That shit'll take you to the moon, and send you crashing just as fast. Best used very sparingly as your tolerance builds up stonkingly fast to that! Now, with Mr Hyde... The primary ingredient in Hyde is the 30mg of 'bitter orange' synephrine and 200mg of N-methyl L tyramine, which when coupled with the di caffeine malate and caffeine itself is meant to induce a long term slow release of energy. I guess PWO's come in your different varieties of energy dependent upon the ingredients used. And personal sensitivity heavily comes into it too - I for instance have no reaction whatsoever to ANS's "Diablo", or a few other stims. Furthermore it can also come down to what you've been eating and how you take it. For maximum efffectiveness, try 250ml of water, stir product well (a gravy spinner can work wonders here.) and sip. If too gritty, or too strong, attempt 400ml of water. Furthermore, this is best taken in an empty stomach, try to take PWO roughly 30 minutes at least before your workout, and force yourself to eat. (depending upon your particular eating schedule). And if that doesn't work, the reccomended dosage of 1 or scoops is purely based upon market research and as mentioned above, everyone is different, so try 1.5 scoops, and then 2 scoops if all else fails. Oh - and nothing, NOTHING will ever work when you're already running on very little sleep. So ensure you've had a good kip as well. I don't have PWO's to swap out sorry so can't help you there but if you're keen pop into your nearest Onesupps or Xplosive store and try Victory Labs DOOM, it's a solid performer with great longevity and performance, plus fantastic appetite suppressing and a little feel-good thrown in for good measure. Or if you're feeling like trying a new kid on the block, another great one is the new GHOST, I've tried it, and I'm VERY stim tolerant, but man something in this ingredient panel found a way to tame my stim dragon, I didn't even sleep very well, and I took it at 10am lol, a sign of a great preworkout in my books. Anyway sorry for the lack of response, I've been trying to sit down write a proper response for a while, but kids kinda ensure this doesn't happen very often lol.
  14. Hey everyone, If you use a mobile app, what is it and what would you recommend about it? I actually use a Samsung Gear Fit, which hosts my runs, steps and I can count caloric intake etc. I've heard the MyFitnessPal is also just fantastic for helping you keep a food log, with a fantastic range of items in their database for you to quickly note what you've eaten. Anyone have any good ones?
  15. Ghost Lifestyle

    Yeah, it's DAMN flashy! I guess they're running the risk of alienating a few customers who'll wonder if it's all fizz and no pop.