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  1. New EAA Product

    We just landed a product called Built Latitude it's basically a EAA (Essential amino acid product) Been doing some reading on EAA"s, Going to have to switch from BCAA's they look solid AF. (Found online regarding EAA's) A Little Background Branched-Chain Amino Acids, or BCAA’s, are amino acids that help muscle growth and sustenance in several ways. Many studies have shown they may increase nitrogen levels in your muscles, which allows you to work out without losing lean muscle tissue later. They can also help sustain muscle glycogen stores. This means that during your workout, you’ll get more fuel to lift more weight and carry out more reps. EAA stands for “Essential Amino Acid.” These are compounds that the body does not make—you get them from the foods you eat. EAA’s work to stimulate cellular repair and boost cell energy, which can help gain lean muscle. They also help to extract the nutrients from the food you eat so they can be properly absorbed by the body. If nutrients aren’t absorbed, the food you eat can easily turn into fat stores. You can find EAA’s naturally in proteins such as meat or eggs, but if you want to see a difference in muscle growth and energy, try an EAA product to supplement your workout. What are the Differences? Even though BCAA’s do contain essential amino acids, they are generally only comprised of more than just the essential amino acids. And even though they contain essential amino acids, BCAAs are not considered a complete protein. Therefore, they may only help with the retention part of the muscle building process. They’re most often used during workouts. Compared with BCAAs, studies show that the body can more efficiently use EAA’s in order to provide needed energy for muscle growth pre and post-workout. Your body enters into protein synthesis mode after you consume protein, which helps to create and repair muscle fibers. As with any process, there is a peak point in which synthesis is the most active, after which it slowly levels off. Whereas BCAA’s can become redundant if you’re already getting adequate protein intake from your diet and therefore may not help with increasing productivity during protein synthesis, EAAs are proving to help restart and sustain protein synthesis between peaks. Additionally, EAAs can help control hunger (which BCAAs don’t do), and there’s even research that shows they can have mental benefits! In all, EAAs like this are a more all-encompassing version of supplemental amino acids than BCAAs, and work as an agent to improve workout performance and sustain muscle repair growth over a longer time than BCAAs. Wrap Up In some situations, the body doesn’t properly absorb amino acids found in food. If you’re trying to reach a specific weight or muscle mass and you’re not absorbing what’s needed from your diet, it can prevent you from reaching your goals. That’s why it’s important to know which supplements are best for you and your goals. If you want to achieve a whole-body effect, BCAA’s alone won’t do the trick. Reports are showing that EAA’s can more effectively sustain protein synthesis in a post-workout setting. Whether you decide to use BCAAs or EAAs (or a little of both, safely paired), it’s critical that you carefully weigh your options and decide on a healthy plan for your supplements. Supplements are the most beneficial when paired with a healthy, balanced diet and regular rigorous exercise.
  2. Ghost Lifestyle

    Sells just because of the packaging lol
  3. Wizard Nutrition FireBlast

    Watch this space RE: Xenevar for the next few weeks. Another product which is doing really well for me at the moment from feedback, Is Feral. People just loving it.
  4. Will send Gerbil a free tub of hypershred, as he was the only person who reviewed it.
  5. Old school Fireblast

    I prefer the version 2 over version one, Hence Version 2. Don't rate DHMA.
  6. Wizard Nutrition FireBlast

    Not surprised, OP is old enough to be a wizard.
  7. Summer of Cricket

    Kanes captaincy isn't making it
  8. That Feel.

    That feel when some aussie trolls the rat on his facebook page, offering him a job working at prestige world wide supplements. Probably was that hugh guy that used to post on here eh?
  9. That Feel.

    Blues Finally feels/10 Choked the entire game, at least it was the canes in the final lol
  10. That Feel.

    Fukn aware.
  11. Titan Protein - Choc Mint

    Steph should have just sent it, but invoiced on the 1st.
  12. Titan Protein - Choc Mint

    Heard Dewes is getting another flavour, on allocation. Guess somebody gotta support the unemployed crew/10
  13. Crypto gains

    Yeah everybody i knew cashed out about then.
  14. I'll have a better dig this week. I still have to fix the reputation here.
  15. 1 in 20 supplements contain roids

    I think there's a company who blew up who sponsered some top level gamers, Can't recall who it was. But more or less it's easier to target people wanting to lose weight, as more people overweight than gaming ect. - easier target market for the masses.