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  1. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    I heard once l-carnitine can increase appetite?
  2. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    Thank you for taking the time to write your response , much appreciated. Yes will be starting a reverse diet after Xmas as im starting to lose stamina etc in hockey games too lately... Ah well I think that settles it really - thanks everyone for your insights.
  3. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    Thank you ill have a look into that link - yes its unfortunately looking that way , Caffeine and voodoo hype products. 'Feels' doesn't mean shit to me if you don't get results... No have not tried that - looks like a relatively suitable product for what im wanting - I assume this is calorie/sugar free from what I can see?
  4. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    You could say that - was quite simply wanting suggestions on what people on this supplement forum thought was the most effective 'fat burner' in their opinion. Im yet to get one recommendation from someone that has had good results from one. Just keep getting questions...starts to get frustrating when you just want a simple answer - im not expecting a magic supplement to save the day. I guess I knew your 'joke' was coming hence why I said I knew I was already underweight... *sigh*
  5. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    Yes you nailed it - any suggestions to the OP on supplements...being a supplements website in the supplements section?
  6. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    What length of time do you recommend for a diet break? Ive seen conflicting times eg 1 week 2? Also what increase in calories do you recommend? If I went straight to maintenance after pretty much 8 months of relatively solid dieting I fear that 'maintenance' might not be what it used to be with a down regulation/adaption of my metabolism...
  7. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    I have a weekly cheat cycle - any advice on what you believe is the best fat burner legally available in your opinion?
  8. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    No have not looked into this. More interested in something thats best at ramping up catecholamines , blood flow , alpha 2 antagonist for fasted cardio. (like yohimbine - if anything) Was using 200mg caffeine , 1g of l-tyrosine and egcg Tried Diablo the other day and felt that it was very overrated. Appear to be getting a little boost from Alphamine Advanced and more viens appearing in abdominal region. Problem is ive reached 62KG for 6 foot which is way underweight for me - calories average 1926/day. Was wanting to give something a good whack at the end of a long diet before starting a reverse diet etc. Im typically very anti supplement and have resorted to them as a last resort for stubborn fat.
  9. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    Am I? I thought I made it clear I just want peoples advice on the best fat burner in NZ - if any that are more related to stubborn fat (alpha antongist etc). Ive wanted this to be straight forward as possible without the 21 questions and assumptions im newbie etc
  10. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    Yes its looking that way. This thread here is very very similar to my situation. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=153149361&page=1 Looking at a reverse diet very shortly.
  11. Some of your best weight loss tips?

    In order of importance for me. Calorie counting Intermittent fasting Diet coke with lots of ice for appetite suppression throughout the day along with 1 egcg every morning for appetite control. Calorie cycling so that high days are around the weekend and low days are early in the week when I'm busy. Egg noodles bulk up massive if boiled for ages. Great filler upper with chicken, greens, mushrooms, Asian sauce etc. Avoiding things i know that make my appetite sky rocket.eg. b vitamins
  12. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    Male. I am experienced in weight loss etc. Not a typical case. To save all the drama I am coming from a 52 kg weight loss. Just don't want this thread to stray .. Do you have any advice to the original post?
  13. Yeah thats a repost of the original - from a different link of the same site...random
  14. Posted this yesterday but seems to be on a different linked forum? Not sure whats going on...anyways! Hello , I am into the final stages of a cut and have 'stubborn fat' left you could say. What would be the best Stubborn Fat Burner Supplement available in NZ? I tried to order yohimbine from the states but that failed obviously... Wanting an alpha antagonist. Have Alphamine which has Boldine added but does not say the quantity - and very little research to back up the alpha antagonist claims etc. Follow Lyle Mcdonalds Stubborn Fat Loss Protocols etc. Thank you for any advice on this subject.