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  1. Wizard Nutrition FireBlast

    Yip, I’ve already entered the Comp on Facebook to score a free tub. Fingers crossed!
  2. Wizard Nutrition FireBlast

    Personally It didn’t suppress my appetite that much. That’s not to say it has that effect on everyone though.
  3. What are you all watching at the mo?

    Just finished Altered Carbon. GREAT show. Rewatched Banshee again.
  4. Wizard Nutrition FireBlast

    Just finished my 60 capsule container. A very good product indeed. The last week or so it didn’t do to much for me as I live on stimulants but all in all I rate it right up there with Diablo and Xenavar. If only fireblast had the feels that Xenavar provides. That would be a solid 10 product if it did.
  5. Crypto gains

    Fair enough bro and well put might I add. I could have sold my cryptos the other day and made a small, quick profit but I’m in it long term too. Big dip today which has all the noobs panic selling but with cryptos it really is a long game.
  6. Crypto gains

    Any reason you didn’t cash out in Jan? Expecting it to climb a bit more?
  7. I think it was only a few hundred posts, 50 - 100 reviews and only a few thousand rep points if those are even a thing now. No biggie if you can’t sort it bro, I’m sure some of the OGs know I’m not a newbie to this site.
  8. Phenibut

    I’m more than happy to help with the disposal. I’d be willing to make that sacrifice.
  9. That Feel.

    That feel when you have tons of annual leave but you still end up working over Xmas/New Years
  10. Can you upload mine please John. Cheers mate
  11. Crypto gains

    I’ve been on the Ripple bandwagon for a while and currently hold a small amount of units/dollars worth. As previously said, only invest what you’re willing to lose and no I tend not to go around telling people about it. Supp Reviews is a place im willing to discuss it.
  12. Phenibut

    Just wondering if anyone knows where to get Phenibut from. Xplosiv and One Supps are out of stock.