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  1. JYM Supplements

    Ooh I'd heard of Kris but not Kaged. Any good?
  2. JYM Supplements

    have just heard alot of good reviews of the preworkout to be honest, wanted to give it a try as ive not had much luck with other PWOs!
  3. JYM Supplements

    hahaha yeh hes gotta be taking a little summin summin additional... tried listening to his podcast, dude sounds like an absolute raving lunatic
  4. JYM Supplements

    yeh i keep forgetting to convert the US prices to NZD!
  5. JYM Supplements

    interesting, ive heard the opposite from a lot of people! i find PWOs so hit or miss, ill either feel like im a god or like ive just had an instant coffee
  6. JYM Supplements

    Hey guys Anybody know how we can get JYM supplements in NZ? Also has anyone found and tried Ryback's FEED ME MORE Nutrition - particularly the preworkout? Dude is insane, so i imagine his preworkout to be insane also............ good for the 5am sessions