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  1. Wrist wraps

    Ewps this didnt send me any notifications, sorry bro! I've used a bunch of brands and currently prefer gangsta wraps made by Mark Bell/Slingshot you can get them online over seas but costs roughly same as from Court at AotearoaStrong in Auckland - they're the nicest comfort and have a complete wrist loop this means you take them off between sets and dont have to re-loop over like the thumb ones. These are a bit more than 2 dollars lol, nothing in my gym bag even my eclipse sugar free mints cost less than 2 dollars. Haha spend what you like, I prefer quality over thrift and benching 180-200kg at 42 years of age I am not going to use a sub-quality product lol
  2. Summer of Cricket

    Haha Englands away record though, sheeeittttt! They need yellow tape!
  3. I agree with everything in this thread... that dudes a joke and he pats himself on the back and feels good for winning? What a fucking tool!
  4. Summer of Cricket

    So fucking sick of Aussie getting away with everything in cricket.
  5. Been hitting these once or twice a day depending on how many gym sessions Im doing. I'm mid semi-cut and they seem to do the business pretty well on a tired ass deficit. Cardio/weights - doesn't matter, feel the heat coming on, stim level is solid and not over the top and no come down. Y'all know I don't do out of / 10 posts but I highly recommend this for the day to day gym goer like me!
  6. Summer of Cricket

    Lol this looks interdasting; https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/101361200/questions-continue-over-wellington-stadium-pitch-as-england-return-to-field-of-nightmares Hagen the "turf manager" was a second 11 player for Kapiti Old Boys and sometimes called up to seniors when they were really short. In context senior cricket up the coast where I played lots was similar to second 11 cricket in Wellington. Anyways, hes stupid as shit, like one of those people who might as well grunt when you chat to them. He knew nothing about pitches when he batted on them so I have no idea how you get into being a grounds man and then someone become a more important person looking after important pitches lol~
  7. Titan Protein - Choc Mint

    DEwes just waiting for the new month so he doesn't ruin someones numbers - typical Counterstrike camper at bomb site B with an awp picking everyone off for dem numbers *SMH* can't fricking wait! Ran out of BCAA's so just putting chocolate chips into my cardio drink.. and milk, and ice cream, ok I'm drinking a milkshake during cardo
  8. Armageddon

    this is last years one was fkn legit fun, planning on going to some American ones at some stage
  9. Armageddon

    Anyone here into cosplay and goto these around NZ? last year was my first, I went as Bane with my friends who went as Ragnar from Vikings ( his Thor costume didnt make it ) and Subzero. It was in the middle of winter at the Cake-tin so was damn cold! This years is end of March and I'm in decent shape so I'm going as: Have ordered weapons online and will be making the waist/hip thing with my Mrs - no armor or helm and have lined up a body painter for green + contouring. Side note; Payton from i-Zombie is going there and I've been cleared to bone her from the Mrs - it won't happen but it's nice to know I'm cleared with a hall pass in case of miracles hahah
  10. Titan Protein - Choc Mint

    Guess I know the next BCAAS im gonna try haha - ill be going through all the protein flavours for sure! Sah good!
  11. I got some of this protein recently and am still smashing my way through it because like the old days it's actually 5lbs and not a rip off 4lbs for the same price. I was a bit concerned when I opened the tub and the colour of the protein wasn't as normally dark as most chocolates but holy shit when I chucked this in the blender and tasted it, it blew my head off. The mint flavour in shakes is super strong and refreshing and you also get that chocolate taste which is slightly more subtle which for me is perfect! I've also had this in my proats bowl where the mint becomes more mellow I guess due to the heat of the cooked oats? Either way this is my new, current fav flavour. The consistency is quite thin which again doesn't bother me because a thick shake blended up does not go down easy pre gym. In oats it's creamy and good. I don't really bother posting photos of formulas or pretending I know enough about them to rate them. This has 26g protein per serve and low lactose which is all I care about so it's right up there with all the other top brands. I highly recommend you try this stuff, I look forward to smashing my way through all the flavours. 10/10 would wife. Have plowed.
  12. Summer of Cricket

    Pak should be banned from int. cricket you just cant trust their families aren't being held hostage...
  13. I had 6,302,100 on other forums, please add ;D
  14. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    It could make you hungrier by stimulating your metabolism if it's actually working and your body is depleting the fat stores and using them ( what its sposed to do ) if you really want to get technical. I've heard injectable L-carn works and powder really isn't that great but I remember the leanest I ever got back in the day I used powder L-carn about 5-6 times a day ( before cardios and with every meal )
  15. Stubborn Fat Burner Help

    Based on the photo in the other thread and what you've said you don't need a fat burning product, you can't target the areas you want, really. There are a few products that may help like helios which is a site injection form of yoh/clen but you need to inject twice a day and have exercise and diet on point. You can get various rub on creams from america that are banned here so they'll likely be stopped on the way into the country. I'm going to guess based on how much weight you've lost your lean muscle mass is actually quite low. You don't get low body fat just by losing weight. My best advice to you is to start building muscle and give those stubborn areas time to lean out via resistance training. Love handles are hard to move even when you're about to step on stage and everyones body is different and holds fat more in some spots than others. I could rattle off some names if you really want like ANS Inferno which I take daily because I don't drink coffee but really no little pill filled with caffeine, plant extracts and peppers will dissolve in your belly and go "hey bro's lets move down to this kids lower back and liposuction some stubborn fat" If you're worried about taking advice from randoms on the forums feel free to check out @dondewes on insta I like to think I've learnt a shit load of stuff from nutritionist and trainers who are friends, friends who have done things a hell of a long time and some of the people on here. One last thing , this is a personal opinion which is why I left it til last - 6 foot/62kg for a male is not right. 1926 calories is not right either. My fiance is 5 foot 5 and 57kg - females use a lot less calories than males and shes on about the same as you when she gyms 3 times a week, less when she doesn't and more when she trains more. I'd say you've hit a starvation wall and your body is too catabolic to allow anymore "fat" loss and anything on the scales would be muscle/fluid related and probably just goes up/down round the same amount. Good luck.