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  4. AMP Citrate from years ago

    I found a bag of pure amp citrate that is from 2014 from powdercity Still useable?
  5. EHP Labs discussion

    What everyone experience with EHP's sups mainly oxyshred
  6. What's a new product out there you guys can reccomend? Can be anything - protein, weightloss or PWO.
  7. Forum's hidden unless you sign in?

    Revisting for 1st time in a while.. Snapped Pec Minor so had a loong time off just getting back to lifting
  8. Hey team, as per title. I'm still here, keen to drum up support for this website somehow!
  9. What are you all watching at the mo?

    Haven't heard of the Preacher MudRunner, will check it out. Finished Game of Thrones, I've heard Chernobyl is good?
  10. What are you all watching at the mo?

    The preacher, weirder than a prodigy xt review
  11. Wrist wraps

    Ewps this didnt send me any notifications, sorry bro! I've used a bunch of brands and currently prefer gangsta wraps made by Mark Bell/Slingshot you can get them online over seas but costs roughly same as from Court at AotearoaStrong in Auckland - they're the nicest comfort and have a complete wrist loop this means you take them off between sets and dont have to re-loop over like the thumb ones. These are a bit more than 2 dollars lol, nothing in my gym bag even my eclipse sugar free mints cost less than 2 dollars. Haha spend what you like, I prefer quality over thrift and benching 180-200kg at 42 years of age I am not going to use a sub-quality product lol
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