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  5. Just saw the advertising for this! Looks hardcore. Any one got their hands on some yet?
  6. France 2 - 1 Croatia.
  7. That Feel.

    Dem feels when this place is dead RIP
  8. That Feel.

    Dem feels of degrees not getting beyond the teens during the day
  9. That Feel.

    Fuck this still makes me lol
  10. Wrist wraps

    How do you figure that? That's a massive generalisation. I bet they cost about 30 cents to produce. Remove the distributers, wholesalers, supply chain, store margins, and you have a $2 product.
  11. Wrist wraps

    Yeah, ended up getting some from ali on the 20th, that could easily be the same brand getstrength dropship funnily enough ;p They were like $2 each or something, will update when I get them.
  12. my old name was RonnieColemanJr i beleive, had a few reviews back in the day etc. no big deal if can't be xferred over tho.
  13. Creatine mono vs HCL

    same. not sure why, mono in doses up to 10g per day never done shit on me, maybe i just dont digest it properly? since i switched to hcl (originally with creacore) i noticed results pretty quick.
  14. Wrist wraps

    have set of these from GetStrength, couldn't recommend them enough. https://getstrength.com/product/lifter-series-heavy-wrist-wraps/ currently at $17 including shipping, can't be beat for the quality there are cheaper stuff out there but all they really do is cut off circulation while not really giving you benefits of keeping the wrist actually stable on the lifts you need them to be stable.
  15. That Feel.

    that feel of seeing lulzy threads like this again
  16. yoyo so i was a regular on gymnation but seems to have lost a lot of the usual follows, wondering if ppl migrated over to here now? anyways just starting up log here while i scout which one is more active. i find logging somehow keeps me more consistent especially with bit of feedback loop that you get to create with online training logs. goals - i used to just want to bulk and get big, then i really got in to hard core cycling (300-400km per week), then i got in to power lifting so bulked a bit again, then small injuries took way more time off than i should have and pretty much been inconsistent ever since. latest thing for me is mainly calisthenics but wanna regain some strength too. also looking to look like i lift. history have been lifting for some years now, was 47kg when i was 21 finished uni (28 now), saw a mate who took some mass gainers and went gym and buffed up. i decided to copy him , except i didn't go to gym for my first year and just took mass gainers. i shot up from 47kg to 65kg at like 30% body fat, one and only time in my life that i was so fat. eventually i started going gym and more or less have stayed in same weight range (60-65kg) ever since but plenty of recomping in that time. just putting some progress pics of my past year, glad i took regular pics even when i wasnt training cos now that i'm back to it, i didnt realise how far i've come from last year for example in terms of recomp. stats height 5'6ish b/w currently floats between 60-65kg. bf% uncertain, feeling relatively close to the leanest i've been in years though. supps stack : mornings ; supermarket random branded 1 a day mens multi, vitamin c, iron tabs, l-arginine (just started on this stuff last week, absolutely love it lol, looking and feeling full/pumped through the day with this). recently added diablov1 single scoop to morning stack along side 1 scoop MT creactor. i know it's not the intended purpose but i added diablo for the nootropic side effects / morning dose of caffiene as i don't take coffee anymore due to staining my braces and this has filled that gap really well to keep me going through day at work. nights ; zma, vit d3, fish oil pre workout ; some unbranded pre workout supp from (dont think allowed to mention other shops names here?) @ 1 scoop + 1-2 tabs of larginine. proteins : i take some n-mass when i haven't fulfilled my imaginary food quota for the day or if i trained extra in something like went long hike or mountain biking etc. just aquired some muscle tech 'gold whey' with dat dere whey peptides in it. shoutouts to the dude that gave me good deal on it today in store @ xplosive westgate. the bank approves of how cheap the titan RTDs were going for. 30 may 2017 62.5kg 25 april 2018 60.5kg back 28 april 62kg. lost any traces of the ol thickness but width coming back in quick
  17. The Hamdanz log

    Never here anymore. update: weight still up and down between 85-90 kg depending on motivation to lose belly. Otherwise it's pies and whatever back feeling strong. Gains in bent over row even though I barely do it. Smashing pull ups though. everything else besides hamstring curl seems to have gone nowhere though lmao altjough when I squat it feels good, near pbs without pushing. Just trying to stay injury/soreness free. Still push pull legs split twice a week, but less volume and weight. Kinda only in for an hour most the time, so I feel like I can't waste time doing a 5x5 program etc as takes too long if I want to do enough volume. So just smashing hypertrophy. Feels like shoulder gains but not sure.
  18. Wrist wraps

    Aliexpress they're literally a couple of dollars and mint
  19. Wrist wraps

    Anyone know of any decent bang for buck ones around? @donz
  20. That Feel.

    That feel of boycotting Starbucks due to what happened at Starbucks Philadelphia
  21. trangs in sports

    Failed at the snatch
  22. High Stim Tolerance?

    Nitraflex is great. Very under rated pre workout!
  23. High Stim Tolerance?

    The original formula for Mr Hyde was pretty good, but as time has gone by, it has just been watered down more and more, it seems to be just a shitload of caffeine now. I've been using the GAT Nitraflex RTDs recently, and have been quite surprised how effective they have been. So I can only assume that the full strength Nitraflex is even better.
  24. High Stim Tolerance?

    Hi Gerbil, Thanks for the response. I have been lifting weights for a while and at 84KG's was accused by folks of being a roider, I am currently on a cut, lost 16KG's in the past 6 Months, around 6 more KG's to go at most before I lean bulk. Now my bench and lifts etc keeps dropping or going back and forth and its just not possible for me to hit the high volumes and intensity caloric deficit see, hence I am finally wanting to try a PWO. Now I remember using the Wizard, was really good but kinda also stops working after a few days. But good stuff. Where can I try samples of these stims? I want to pay a few dollars to try 2 servings of Maybe Doom and Ghost. Thanks for your reply! have a good one.
  25. Old school Fireblast

    Hi Chesticles, me again. The primary difference if they''ve used a product which supplements the caffeine (similar to your L-tyramine) rather than a direct stim itself like DHMA. Now you have to understand PWO makers are constantly playing a game of cat and mouse vs various sporting bodies and governmental departments regarding the B& hammer. In order to stay below the radar they've got to ensure 2 things - the chemical is different enough from an existing b& stim and it doesn't provide any immediate feel-goods like existing non-PWO stims either. This was kinda what got DHMA looked into, in short it was too good! So instead of going after direct stims, the latest is supplemental stims that work in conjunction with others, and as a result whilst they're maybe not as stimmy straight off the bat, they tend to well tolerated by the adrenal glands and you tend to have less of a tolerance build up too quickly. So whilst I haven't tried the new v2 forumula, I've been told it's good, and is a worthy replacement in the long term, as whilst it's not as stimmy, the effects last longer. Hope this helps.
  26. High Stim Tolerance?

    Don't trust DNPX for anything more than a quick buzz. That shit'll take you to the moon, and send you crashing just as fast. Best used very sparingly as your tolerance builds up stonkingly fast to that! Now, with Mr Hyde... The primary ingredient in Hyde is the 30mg of 'bitter orange' synephrine and 200mg of N-methyl L tyramine, which when coupled with the di caffeine malate and caffeine itself is meant to induce a long term slow release of energy. I guess PWO's come in your different varieties of energy dependent upon the ingredients used. And personal sensitivity heavily comes into it too - I for instance have no reaction whatsoever to ANS's "Diablo", or a few other stims. Furthermore it can also come down to what you've been eating and how you take it. For maximum efffectiveness, try 250ml of water, stir product well (a gravy spinner can work wonders here.) and sip. If too gritty, or too strong, attempt 400ml of water. Furthermore, this is best taken in an empty stomach, try to take PWO roughly 30 minutes at least before your workout, and force yourself to eat. (depending upon your particular eating schedule). And if that doesn't work, the reccomended dosage of 1 or scoops is purely based upon market research and as mentioned above, everyone is different, so try 1.5 scoops, and then 2 scoops if all else fails. Oh - and nothing, NOTHING will ever work when you're already running on very little sleep. So ensure you've had a good kip as well. I don't have PWO's to swap out sorry so can't help you there but if you're keen pop into your nearest Onesupps or Xplosive store and try Victory Labs DOOM, it's a solid performer with great longevity and performance, plus fantastic appetite suppressing and a little feel-good thrown in for good measure. Or if you're feeling like trying a new kid on the block, another great one is the new GHOST, I've tried it, and I'm VERY stim tolerant, but man something in this ingredient panel found a way to tame my stim dragon, I didn't even sleep very well, and I took it at 10am lol, a sign of a great preworkout in my books. Anyway sorry for the lack of response, I've been trying to sit down write a proper response for a while, but kids kinda ensure this doesn't happen very often lol.
  27. Old school Fireblast

    whats the big difference between the fireblast old formula and new one?? I want to try the new formula. does it still contain dhma and the feel good stuff??
  28. High Stim Tolerance?

    Posted a review for whatever its worth. :\ no april fools joke. felt like posting it. happy easter to whomevers reading..
  29. High Stim Tolerance?

    Hi. I dont use Stims much, haven't used one in six months since I started a new program centered around cutting, usually a cupa coffe does it for me early in the morning or ANS Diablo which brings a little ping but leaves me going to bed a bit late (taken at early mornings), Pro Supps DNPX gave some feel good energy previously but haven't tried that in a while. I am pretty intolerant to Creatine Mono (gives mood swings for the worse which is also a documented thing with a handful of people). Recently tried Pro Supps Hyde after reading good reviews about it, cant say I am impressed, taste is alright but with about 500mg of Caffeine, it doesn't really give me any energy, I get nothing out of a scoop, if anything makes me lazy and kinda sleepy. Lol. anybody had this with certain supplements? So far I have only read a couple of people who feel this way about pro sups hyde. Anybody wana exchange?
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